A Walk In The Woods


The initial reaction: lost — 
Spinning around wondering how we got here,
Wondering how we would get out.
Where are we going?
“Just breathe,” said the wind, “just breathe”. 
Step by step, 
The sun helped us navigate our way home.
The need to grasp control,
The need to hold on,
The need to understand where we were
Felt like a magnet to the mind.
The birds blissfully sung out, “let go”.
We let go,
We journeyed,
We came to an opening- 
We stopped, laid down, and breathed in the trees and soaked up the sun.
We journeyed,
We came to another opening-
We thanked the earth and the sun and continued along.
Breathing became easier,
The mind became clearer,
The tensity began to ease.
We found ourselves at a beautiful old tree-
As we paused, we heard her crack. 
We sat with her and connected with her energy
As she began to transform through the earth. 
The energy was a heavy light,
It was beautiful.
What an indescribable moment-
blossomed from a series of what seemed to be lost turns.
Each step is part of the process,
Each step is a step along our journey

To the Dancer

Beloved dancer,

You dance so beautifully.

Each dance be a thought

Longing to be discovered

Through your own unique

Expression of rhythm.

The dance that makes us who we are

And opens our hearts to the infinite skies.

Miraculously dancing through

These waves of emotion—

Upon the same thought? Yet, here,..

We remain nestled in Divine presence.

Should you find yourself in blankets of thought,

Allow the light to gracefully slide into the spaces

In which resonance sings to your heart and soul.

You are a treasure chest filled with gifts,

Longing to be discovered.

You radiate in gold,

You are magic.

train of thought


It’s funny how quickly our minds begin to drift. The power of a song, a word, or a thought. One simple thought has the power to completely shift our perspective on a situation- when in reality, everything is the same.

I catch myself setting such high expectations of myself- as a writer, performer, business person, friend, or person in general. Such high expectations to the point where I lose sight of how to reach those expectations. They become so far in the distance, that they don’t even seem real anymore. I begin questioning why I even had those expectations in the first place. I ask, how do I become this musician? How do I become this artist? How do I become this composer? Why am I not good enough as I am now? Who is this person I “need” to be?

I catch myself just in time- just before I hope on a train to self doubt. I remember that I have already met those expectations. I am a musician. I am an artist. I am a composer. I forgot all that I was as I searched for something more, but if I’m always searching- how do I stop to smell the roses? When will I stop searching? When will I reach a point of satisfaction with the expectations I have already met?

In that, I decide that I have already met my expectations. I am already the best musician I can possibly be, I am already the best artist I can possibly be, and I am already the best composer that I can possibly be. I accept these things, and turn my focus back inwards. I focus on how I am the best musician that I can possible be, I focus on how I am the best artist that I can possible be, and I focus on how I am the best composer that I can possibly be.

I stop searching, and grant myself a beautiful gift in accepting all that I am right now. I give myself permission to love myself fully, as I have spent my whole life trying to meet certain expectations. By doing so, I find joy in the essence of being present. I am present as I write, I am present as I create, I am present as I do everything. Everything is the same, but I am happy. I am all that I am. 

With a simple change of thought, all around me is perfect.

Everything will always be as it is meant to be, it is how you look at it when things begin to change.


Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 10.07.13 AM.png

Our minds drift with the winds, lost in time; we seek to fill a void filled with clutter- how do we fill that void without it becoming more clutter? Filling our minds with words of the wise, when you, yourself, are the wise.

Our words become lost in the clutter, as we neglect to quiet our minds to discover the wisdom within.

We often become lost along our journey, and in feeling lost we forget how to love ourselves. We sometimes become lost in the past, in which a common misconception occurs where one may believe that they are their past, though our past is simply a part of us- just a piece.

We beg to be loved, as we have no idea how to love ourselves. We stretch our arms out far and wide in hopes to discover who we are through the eyes of another. We run so fast that we pass by those who already love us; so fast that we miss every door of opportunity that awaits our presence; so fast that we don’t even remember who we are.

Who are you?

We declutter that which does not serve us anymore- we embrace change. We make room for the wonder and joy longing to be discovered. We quiet our mind to hear our soul’s words of wisdom and words of love. We discover ourselves through the reflection of the world, and in that, we become.


I see the strength
In a poor man’s eyes.
A gatekeeper
In disguise.

Oh, the moonlight
Calls to me,
I let the darkness
Set me free.

We all fear
Of being lost,
We ditch our soul
At such a cost.

Truth is hidden
In a lie,
Your life begins
With a goodbye.

Hold on tight
Then let it go,
Tighter the grip
Is how you know.

The light will always
Guide you home,
And you, loved one,
Won’t feel alone.

The melody of thought

Sitting back on my chair with my feet propped up, I gaze out my window to watch the gentle snow fall to the earth. Birds gracefully fly about the sky in perfect harmony with a classical piano piece by Chopin playing in the background.

I feel calm and relaxed, yet energized in Spirit— my heart is warm and happy. With each thought that comes to mind, I smile at it, thank it, and whisper “fly away”. Our thoughts are beautiful pieces of us, yet so often we chase them away out of subtle fear.

Our thoughts are but a whisper from our heart, trying to teach us something more about ourselves— trying to push us inward. Sometimes we may fall into a habit of painting certain thoughts as ugly, but these thoughts are messages to us in how to understand our lives, how to love ourselves much more deeply, or how to forgive ourselves and others.

Let your thoughts in, acknowledge how they make you feel— then, like magic, they begin to fade away and allow us to feel lighter with clarity. We begin to paint these thoughts with melodies of gratitude and forgiveness. Then simply whisper, "fly away” as you let them go.

Sending waves of love and light on this beautiful New Moon,