Beautiful Clouds

I woke up and had a glass of water with my cup of coffee. Why isn’t it the norm to say that we woke up and had a glass of water? What a gift to give to our body first thing in the morning!

Last night before bed, I checked the weather report to see if it would be cloudy this morning. The report indicated all clouds, which made me less enthusiastic about going outside as I figured there wouldn’t be much of a sunrise to see.

I had a little nudge in my gut telling me to go outside anyways, so I dressed warm and head out the door. Much to my surprise, the dark cloudy sky had an enormous glow of rose pink fading into a light blue — sort of like cotton candy. As I looked the other way, I noticed the sky was glowing in a candlelight yellow that blossomed into a fuzzy peach orange. The colours all blended into an enormous rainbow.

I went to the beach at the end of my road, and walked out along the ice that had leaves and sand frozen below. I looked into the Eastern sky, and noticed the tiniest crack in the clouds where the glow was radiant. As the sun began to rise up past the clouds, the colours began to quickly fade. The beautiful bouquet of colours was but merely a moment. It was such a beautiful moment to think that, although all expectations were set on dark and cloudy skies, the tiniest little crack in the distance was able to let out a small ray of sunshine that lit up the sky with a gorgeous rainbow haze. Maybe this would be the only moment that today would see colour in the sky. It felt magical.

You can be that tiny crack in what seems to be an endless dark sky. A tiny crack letting out beams of radiant colours and rainbows amongst the clouds. We are all unique clouds within the same sky, and how beautiful it is to see our darkness being painted with beautiful radiance of colours by the light. It is the darkness in the clouds that enable us to see those highlights of candlelight yellows and rose pinks.