Home Sweet Home

I suppose, we don’t usually look forward to moving back at home with our parents. However, I’ve come to realize that many people may not have this option and it is one that we can quickly take for granted. I’ve been blessed with such unconditional love and support, and also an opportunity to get to know my parents at a later time in my life. I understand that not everyone gets this opportunity, and it’s made me feel incredibly rich at heart to be handed this gift. I especially love that there’s a beautiful beach down the road- a beach filled with many childhood memories, like this house.

On top of that, my brother was home for Christmas. An amazing Christmas! I treated myself to a little bit of cannabis, and had a wonderful time with the family. I felt so happy to have this as an extension of the last few months, as I’ve come to reflect on things that I love about my family… a bit about them? Well…

My mom (Clara) and dad (Wayne) are both hilarious, and have passed down well appreciated skills of organization, solid work ethic, punctuality, and tidiness. They’re also my number one fans! I love how my dad seems to be able to fix anything, and is super creative with wood / design. He also has a solid vinyl collection! My mom is an amazing cook / baker, and reminds me of the peace and beauty that come with each morning. I see my brother (Jason) as incredibly strong. He’s taught me the importance of good health, confidence, and reaching goals.

It’s been an amazing year all around, and I couldn’t have done it without these fine folks.

Love and Light,

P.S. I’m going for the Polar Bear Plunge on New Years Morning! Any takers up for it?!