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Our minds drift with the winds, lost in time; we seek to fill a void filled with clutter- how do we fill that void without it becoming more clutter? Filling our minds with words of the wise, when you, yourself, are the wise.

Our words become lost in the clutter, as we neglect to quiet our minds to discover the wisdom within.

We often become lost along our journey, and in feeling lost we forget how to love ourselves. We sometimes become lost in the past, in which a common misconception occurs where one may believe that they are their past, though our past is simply a part of us- just a piece.

We beg to be loved, as we have no idea how to love ourselves. We stretch our arms out far and wide in hopes to discover who we are through the eyes of another. We run so fast that we pass by those who already love us; so fast that we miss every door of opportunity that awaits our presence; so fast that we don’t even remember who we are.

Who are you?

We declutter that which does not serve us anymore- we embrace change. We make room for the wonder and joy longing to be discovered. We quiet our mind to hear our soul’s words of wisdom and words of love. We discover ourselves through the reflection of the world, and in that, we become.


I see the strength
In a poor man’s eyes.
A gatekeeper
In disguise.

Oh, the moonlight
Calls to me,
I let the darkness
Set me free.

We all fear
Of being lost,
We ditch our soul
At such a cost.

Truth is hidden
In a lie,
Your life begins
With a goodbye.

Hold on tight
Then let it go,
Tighter the grip
Is how you know.

The light will always
Guide you home,
And you, loved one,
Won’t feel alone.