be curious

I was at the beach this morning— it was quite calm. I laid back in the snow as I stared up into the cloudy sky as birds sailed on by.

My mind began to drift as I reflected upon my purpose here on this earth. Further and further, it drifted back into an old state of fear. Fear of being misunderstood, fear of not being accepted, and fear of coming across as strange or odd. Sometimes, fear has a way of manipulating my mind into old states; however, I’ve learned to use fear as a guide to the truth within longing to be heard.

It is our unique, strange way of seeing the world that help us become understood, and through that there is acceptance. If we neglect to be our unique, strange selves, then how is one to discover how they truly see their own world? How are they to be truly accepted?

We journey within to focus on our own world— to create it. It is with truth that we are able to conquer fear and look deeper, to be ourselves in fullest form. To be strange, to be odd.

Be curious.

Love and light,