The melody of thought

Sitting back on my chair with my feet propped up, I gaze out my window to watch the gentle snow fall to the earth. Birds gracefully fly about the sky in perfect harmony with a classical piano piece by Chopin playing in the background.

I feel calm and relaxed, yet energized in Spirit— my heart is warm and happy. With each thought that comes to mind, I smile at it, thank it, and whisper “fly away”. Our thoughts are beautiful pieces of us, yet so often we chase them away out of subtle fear.

Our thoughts are but a whisper from our heart, trying to teach us something more about ourselves— trying to push us inward. Sometimes we may fall into a habit of painting certain thoughts as ugly, but these thoughts are messages to us in how to understand our lives, how to love ourselves much more deeply, or how to forgive ourselves and others.

Let your thoughts in, acknowledge how they make you feel— then, like magic, they begin to fade away and allow us to feel lighter with clarity. We begin to paint these thoughts with melodies of gratitude and forgiveness. Then simply whisper, "fly away” as you let them go.

Sending waves of love and light on this beautiful New Moon,