SATURDAY, January 26th 2019
The Guild
Charlottetown, PE

SUNDAY, January 27th 2019
Florence Simmons Hall:
2019 Music PEI Awards
Charlottetown, PE


SATURDAY, July 14th 2018

The Guild w/ Atlantic Blue
Charlottetown, PE

FRIDAY, July 27th 2018
Sportsmans w/ Logan Richard
Charlottetown, PE

THURSDAY, August 2nd 2018
Fishbones w/ Reuben & The Dark
Charlottetown, PE

SATURDAY, August 4th 2018
Sportsmans w/ Lawrence Maxwell
Charlottetown, PE

SUNDAY, August 12th 2018
Baba's Lounge w/ Stephanie Ratcliff & Bre McDaniel
Charlottetown, PE

SUNDAY, September 9th 2018
Indian River Festival w/ The Atlantic String Machine
Indian River, PE

FRIDAY, September 21st 2018
Sportsman w/ Calm Baretta
Charlottetown, PE

FRIDAY, December 7th 2018
Baba’s Lounge w/ Anya and Brielle Ansems
Charlottetown, PE

SATURDAY, December 15th 2018
**Christmas Special**
Scott MacKay & Jenni Duo
St. Paul’s Anglican Church w/ Villages